Sana's Atelier



“Sana’s Atelier is a brand for women made by women to empower women. Our designs are handmade, they are modern while being fully anchored in the ancestral Moroccan and North African heritage.

I have created Sana’s Atelier in 2017 to give birth to a new generation of caftans. The idea was inspired by my grandmother’s personal style. She used to wear caftans around our home all the time and I used to love that about her. She gave me a unique sense of aesthetic that keeps on inspiring up until this day.

My aim with Sana’s Atelier was to create a more versatile look of the traditional caftan without losing its imperial touch. Our modest models fit perfectly any body type and could be worn during the day, at night and on any occasion.

Sana’s Atelier is also an ethical fashion project driven by my strong will to give back to the community where I grew up. All our garments are made in collaboration with women artisans living in rural areas across Morocco.
Sana’ our brand name , that mean craftsmanship in Arabic “